Join us at the Live Oak this Thursday! Show starts at 8pm. Tickets now on sale at

The Breakfast Machine's Premier of their new music video "Getz" - hosted by the Dallas Observer! Click here!

The D will be shaking the Foundation Room this Friday night! (business casual attire requested) No Cover! Show @ 7

These guys just won't sit still! Check out House on a Hill, new music from Animal Spirit...a little taste of their upcoming album.

At long last...

Whomp! is here!

Listen now, preorder your CD soon.


BlackBox Presents: Fungi Girls, The Blind Pets, and The Breakfast Machine at Lolas Saloon

2736 west 6th st, Fort Worth Texas 76107

The Facebook event can be found here

The Doors open at 9 with $8 over/$ 12 under 21 cover.


The Breakfast Machine - 10:00

The Blind Pets - 11:00

Fungi Girls - 12:00

After long delay, Euphio Records is proud to present The Hendersons' second album, Indian Summer, available for free download on Bandcamp. With this record  the band has taken strides far beyond what you heard on their 2010 debut. Indian Summer is full of catchy, singable songs that jump swiftly off the heels of one another and spiral off in any direction they please. They are at once capricious in structure and lush and thorough in arrangement, and each song couldn't sound more different from the last. Indian Summer has something for everyone and nothing for nobody (and perhaps everything for SOMEBODY), so give it good listen with those ol' ears. They'll be hangin' low before you know it, and all you'll want to do is sit and eat cake. What a sad life!

Ed Cassidy (far left in the above picture), founding member and drummer for the 60s band Spirit, died yesterday at the age of 89.

I've long held a belief that some of the best rock musicians are forged in the fires of jazz, and Cassidy was no exception.  According to his Wikipedia entry, the man once played 282 consecutive one-nighters in 17 states in the late 40's.  Just let that sink in for a second.

Here's their biggest hit single, "I Got a Line on You" from their 1968 release The Family That Plays Together

Check out a new documentary by Cesar Reyes including interviews & footage from this weekend's show at the Grotto.

At over nine minutes long, this track from Young’s second solo record Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (1969) is one that you’re certainly unlikely to ever hear on commercial radio, which is just fine by me.

Take a listen to the new shit...

Frisky Disco live at the Basement Bar in Fort Worth w/ the Oil Boom December 6. FREE BRING YOUR FRIENDS!